Helping dogs and families reach their goals using a motivational approach that builds relationships between people and dogs. 

Tamar Paltin

Where it Started

I grew up with incredible pets, including my first bullmastiff Shiba, and always knew I wanted to spend my life with animals – like many kids I thought veterinary science was the only option. Thankfully, I had wonderful mentors in college who inspired me to pursue a degree in Psychobiology (animal behavior) giving me the incredible opportunity to work in Zoos where I learned how important it is to build trust in order to create behavior change. My work with dogs is rooted in that base of mutual respect and appreciation. 


I am a certified professional dog trainer through the only independent certifying organization CCPDT. While any one can call themselves a dog trainer, certification is a commitment to ongoing education and maintaining standards that benefit clients and pets. I have also pursued accreditation through Fear Free Pets which shows dedication to training pets humanely and ethically without the threat of fear or pain. As an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Trick Dog Evaluator, Temperament Test Evaluator, and Fit Dog Instructor I love seeing people work towards goals with their pets and attain titles along the way. 

Dog Training Philosophy

The goal is to create lasting and effective behavior change that is attainable for all pets and owners. I use motivational training based in the science of positive reinforcement.  Training should be fun and realistic! By giving owners and dogs the tools they need to live together harmoniously, we can improve the lives of pets, owners, and the community. 

Activities and Involvement

As a through and through dog enthusiast , I support responsible breeding and responsible rescue. I volunteer my behavior expertise to several local rescues and shelters including New Leash on Life USA, ACCT Philly, Paw it Forward Foundation, Harley’s Haven, and many more. 


I also enjoy training and competing with my own dogs in various sports ranging from Obedience and Rally to Agility and Dock Diving. I currently live with a wonderful rescue mix and a purpose bred bullmastiff along with two cats. 


Featured in Radnor News: The Community Newsletter, Lower Providence Township News, and Philly Fit Magazine. 

  • Currently offering private lessons in PA, DE, and NJ. Learn to work with your dog in the environment you live in. Lessons are structured to meet your personal goals in a realistic time frame while building a positive relationship with your dog. To learn more or schedule a private session please see the contact page. 

Certifications and Affiliations